30.08 INDIA, Leh, The Portal of the Buddha Meitreya

‘Dragon warriors, light workers, people of good faith and good heart, your time has come to take your place in an army of light and love. This is not a time to sit back and wait, but a time to become active, to take your role in the great game. Not to fight or to destroy, because there is no enemy, but to rejoice and create a new world. For this you have to be strong and fierce, to fight your own demons, your own doubt, your own ignorance, your unworthiness, your fear, your abuse of power. This is the ultimate battle you have to fight within yourself. As said before we are here to assist you in that. Don’t fight each other because you are brothers and sisters of one family, of one human race. Fight for your survival, for your glory, for your happiness, for your children. Don’t fight each other’s demons, fight your own and become a powerful beacon of light and laughter, because this is the greatest power in the world.

You have been calling upon the Masters and upon Lord Maitreya and he/she is here. It is in you that this powerful source is awakened. Are you ready to stand up and join us? Are you ready to believe in yourself? Are you ready to trust and overcome your own fears and become the force that you were meant to be? Because this is your destination and your fulfilment. You are all part of the prophecy of the Rainbow Warriors. So what are you waiting for?’


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