30.XX INDIA, Amritsar, Free Shakti

‘When you free Shakti, you free the sexual energy from the body. You free the divine femine from the earth, in which it was caged and controlled. As soon as Shakti can flow freely through the world, men and women are able to relate to each other in a creative dance instead of a destructive war. So this is the key or the code, when sexual energy can flow freely there is no need for war or destruction. It is the energy of water and inner fire that are the two alchemical elements needed to free humankind.

There is an older tempel in the heart of the city, which used to be the point of veneration during the old era, before Rama and Sita. It was the time of the Bull, the Taurus, symbol of fertility and earthly power. It is this deep power that you felt being released from its cage. It is the energy that is needed for the resurrection and procreation and the fertilisation of Mother Earth. Because people will start to understand that they have to co-create with nature, instead of against nature. It’s also this bull energy that has the stamina and the strength for the times to come, that is needed to be released. Instead of anger, you may call it force, instead of frustration, you may call it power. Use it and honour it for what it brings. It’s your birth right and it is who you really are.’

(Ton: I see another temple, there is water runnings along, it is older, and more forgotten.)

‘This place needs to be revived and rededicated.’

How can we find it?

‘Just look on the map, follow the stream. Because it used to be on the island in the middle of the river. That was long ago. The river has changed its course, but the tempel is still there. It’s the ancient center point of Amritsar and it was the place of the divine nectar of the gods, amrita, which flowed from her breasts, which was the healing substance. It is smaller, less known, less obvious.’


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