32.03 NUBIA, Abu Simbel, The Power of the Covenant

Ton hears the voice of Hussein, the Nubian elder we met in Abu Simbel.

‘Many things are changing quite rapidly in the coming few months. It is the turning of the tide. Since you went to the Himalayas, to call for the Buddha Maitreya, it was the bell that sounded before the ship goes down.

So you need to be able to follow the heart, no matter where it leads. To inspire people. To empower the safe havens, places of light, places of nurturing. Africa is calling you. Learn from our ancient wisdom. Immerse yourself in the power of this black continent. Because here you will find the strength that you will need to do your work of healing and transformation in the Middle East.

Bring back the black power to the golden city of Jerusalem. Unleash or use the power of the Covenant. Because here in this heavenly Jerusalem on earth, the final battle will be fought and will define the future of human civilisation. We are with you at all times and we support your cause.’

A: In how far is this our common cause, me and you?

‘You want to know your role in the greater play?’

A: Yes, and the common goal.

‘We cannot tell you your part. You have to listen to your heart to know which path to take. But the power of you both combined is an incredible source of wisdom and strength. It’s like the alpha and the omega. It’s a lemniscate. And through the lemniscate the inner power can be manifested in the world. But you always need two. An inner and an outer. Above and below. Masculine and feminine. That supports the gate between the world.

Trust, trust, trust. Everything will work out fine.’


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