34.01 RWANDA, Virunga, The Spear of Destiny

Feeling into the African Museum and an object that is lying there, a cursed object that is linked to Leopold II and the shamans.

‘There is this spear of destiny. We gave it so you can transform the darkness and the curse into a positive force. But it needs the willingness for you to become warriors, warriors of the spirit, warriors of the Earth, Mother Earth. Because she is sacred, she needs to be served, not conquered, not abused. This power, that is in this spear, can only be used by a white heart, and be thrown into the heart, into the center of power.’

(Ik zie alsof een speer in een roos wordt geworpen, en die roos zit ergens in het centrum van Brussel, het Europees centrum.)

‘Don’t be afraid to use this spear, because we are with you. Use your power, be the power, cos now you are initiated into our tribal warrior energy. This is what we ask of you, to become warriors of the Earth. Not to conquer, or to slay, or to destroy, but to bring harmony and order and wisdom to the planet and to its people.

We are the dark ones. It’s only through death that you gain life.’


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