34.03 RWANDA, Virunga, The Eight Volcanoes

‘The white lions of Africa are calling. They harold a new consciousness, the consciousness of divine leadership taking over. Because in times of chaos and change there is a need for this divine leadership, both masculine and feminine, to give birth to the new era. The old will crumble. So you have to go to the place of the source where paradise can be born from this consciousness, which is beyond all creation. Go to the source, go to the eight volcanoes, the eight powers of creation, the eight powers of fire that birth life and earth all the time. Because the story of paradise is not a story within the history of time, it is a place that is constantly there. It is in you and it is on planet Earth, constantly creating this paradise matrix, bubbling from the core of the planet to the outer spheres where it is manifesting in many ways.

When you connect to this source consciously, you become cocreators. You steer the course of events for the coming years, you become the space holders and the guardians of the garden of Eden, so people can come and drink from this source again and cocreate a new world. While at the same time the world is dying, the earth is crumbling, the old system, the old matrix is disappearing.’

(Ton: Now I see many shamanic people who are bowing down to this sacred place, their sacred place of origin.)

‘The eight volcanoes correspond to the eight cells of origin in your body at the foot of your spinal column, because in your body this is the entrance to paradise. This is the place of creation within your physical system. When you travel from that deepest place to the top of your crown, as a snake that travels through all the chakras – the first, the second, the third, the fourth the heart, the throat chakra, the third eye and the crown chakra – there you will find the Tree of Life that starts to blosom and give fruit.

Many initiations are set along the way, many sacred moments that you will encounter with people that are the way showers. It’s not about the goal, it’s about the road towards it, because the road defines the end. The path contains the goal. The destruction contains the beginning.’


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