34.02 RWANDA, Virunga, Warriors of the Earth

In the African Museum (Tervuren), in front of a shaman mask that attracts our attention.

‘I am Mkungu, I am a guardian, I am a spirit from the Mkungu tribe. To you these are mere wooden statues and masks, to us they are spirits. Spirits incarnated into matter. And they have a special purpose, they carry information. They carry the knowledge of the ancestors and of the spirit world. You put them in glass cages, we talk to them. Because they are connecting us to the spirit world. So you can do too, I will teach you, I will be your mentor and your teacher, to guide you into the secret rituals and ceremonies of my people. So you can communicate too with the trees and the earth, the water, the air. So these spirits become alive, they are not dead anymore.

You have to free them from their cage, because they belong in nature, not in a dead building. They are part of a living organism of the world. But when you put them into a museum of dead things, they cannot function anymore. They become mere objects to look at and you wonder what they mean. They mean everything, because they are part of your soul, they are part of our soul. When you take them out, they can work again. They can become holy objects. Not superstition, as you think it is, or primal, primitive objects from a primitive culture. They are not, they are psychological aspects of your own soul. So I will teach you to talk to them and they can talk back to you.

Start the war dance on the 21st of June, on Parc Cinquantenaire, that is your battle ground. It is the heart of Europe and it will define the coming years. But you have to put the first stone, the ground stone, the foundation stone for the new temple of light, the temple of earth. So that Brussels can connect back to the spirit, and the European Union can connect back to the spirit. Because that is what you have forgotten: you are not connected to the spirit of the land and the spirit of Mother Earth. This is what you need to do again, in your culture and in your politics, and in your leadership. Your leaders need to talk to the spirits of the land. That ’s when you become free, and that’s when we become free. Because you acknowledge and honour our culture and our ways of being, that maybe look primitive to you, but we are very wise. We are the guardians of the Mother, and we are the warriors of the Earth. Aho.’


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