34.04 RWANDA, Virunga, Mkungu Speaks

‘This is the voice of Mkungu, the shamanic spirit that you released from the statue. I am with you in mind and spirit. Don’t be afraid of me, I am not an evil spirit, nor a bad spirit. I am a powerful spirit, but a healing spirit. Because I serve the Great Mother. Serving the Great Mother is something you can do too, because you are also living on her. But you are living on a different place in this land. So use your own rituals, your own wisdom, use your connection with the land and the spirits of your land. You don’t need to copy us, be yourself. The way you feel into your body makes you connect with the earth. So the connection is from within. That’s the first thing.

If you connect to the land, you can feel her pulse, her heartbeat. But somehow in your culture there is a disconnection from the earth. There is a smoke screen. So you live in an artificial world, a world which you perceive through your television and your radio and computer, instead of direct communication with the elements of Mother Earth. This is being aggravated and abused by large companies, that delude you, that create this world of illusion, so you don’t see what’s happening behind closed doors; the abuse of Mother Earth, the abuse of the plants and of the trees, the abuse of food, the abuse of sacred medicine. The only way you can change this is to go within and call for the spirits for help. That is the way.

In your capital Brussels there has been an abuse of magic. An abuse of sacred geometry. An abuse of power. And we want to say it out loud: there is an abuse of mystical powers. So that the lines in the city, the Kabbalah, have been favouring the rich and the powerful instead of the people and the earth. But you can use the sacred symbol of the Kabbalah for your purpose, for your sacred battle. So know that the sacred battle has begun. Because it’s about your survival. And it’s about the survival of the Great Mother.

So use these symbols of the Tree of Life. Study them, walk them, feel them into your body, become one with them. As soon as they are completely integrated in your body you can change them, you can manipulate them in your way – but from love. Open up the Tree of Life, open up all the sefirot. Give them power. Bring the heart back in, bring justice, bring peace, bring divine inspiration, bring healing, bring equality, bring diversity, bring femininity, the sacred feminine, bring the sacred masculine, create the sacred kingdom on earth. Use your symbols, use your powers. And connect people. Teach them how to do this. Teach them how to connect to the ground and the spirits of this land.’


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