34.07 RWANDA, Virunga, The Soultask of Virunga

‘You have to get the bigger picture, the great story of this time. Because without it you won’t understand your own role, and your own position in this story. You are leading the way. You are the pioneers for the new time, the new age of Aquarius that is breaking. In this time humankind needs coaching, needs leadership, needs guidance. This is your part, together with many others. But you have to understand your high position in the hierarchy of consciousness. It doesn’t mean you are better or worse than anybody else, but you have to take your right position at the top of the pyramid to oversee the process.

You could also say you have to take the deepest place, the lowest place, to carry humankind and to share their burden, their process, until it is finished, until they all took their own step and they can make the next jump, the next leap into the new phase of history.

Taking this role doesn’t mean you need to do a lot of things, it’s more about awareness, about being, about opening up this greater field. Allowing conciousness to merge with the energies of change and tranformation. So people understand the bigger picture as well. That is what they need. As soon as they understand in which story they are, they will know what to do. It will give them more confidence and trust in the process.

Now you have a specific task. As you went to the highest point in the Himalayas to ring the bell of consciousness for the Buddha Meitreya to descend on the earth, you also have to go to the deepest place on earth, the lowest place connected to the earth heart and the earth fire. It’s these creation energies that are most strong, and most powerful, and they can be reached through the spirit of Virunga. Because it is here that earth is opening up and erupting from her core. It’s here that the creation energies are the strongest.

Like we told you before, it’s the four elements – earth, air, water and fire – that live here in their most pure forms and create constantly a new paradise. It’s all the animals, the great mammals, that hold the energy for these powerful elements to emerge to the surface, and they need your help. They need the help from the first woman and the first man, Adam and Eve, to join them in holding the space of Paradaiza.

So together you can unleash the fifth element, the deepest core crystal of Mother Earth, so she can come to the surface and be visible for all humanity to see and to perceive and experience. Because as long as they don’t understand they are part of the Great Mother and the Great Father, they are lost. They think they have to do it themselves, but they don’t. They are children in a greater story, in a greater perspective. This is your task, to bring this greater perspective, to a group of people who carry the same energies, and who will bring it further down the road. You don’t need to do everything, of course. Everyone has their own part. But you are the conductors of this process and giving it through to a network of other lightworkers. So they can work with it, and they know what to do and be inspired by the information you share with them.

It’s about a 1000 people – 1100 to be more precise. It’s just by small amounts, a grain of salt, that the whole story can topple into one or the other direction. It only needs pure consciousness to change the story, and to bring healing and completion to it. So the only thing you need to do is your part. Nothing more, nothing less. Put the needle in the right place, together with your team. And sit quietly while the energies of Mother Earth reset themselves. Reshuffle.

Don’t be afraid to jump. Don’t be afraid to take your position in this greater story. Cause that’s what you are here for, that is your main purpose in life, to guide this process. And meanwhile enjoy the ride. Don’t take it serious, yet at the same time it’s the most serious adventure you could have ever imagined, when coming down into this incarnation. Aho.’


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