34.09 RWANDA, Virunga, The Source of Life

‘Africa is calling. We will remind you bit by bit, time and again, about the still voice of your heart, to go deep inside of this darkness, which will lead you through this time of turmoil. It is in this deeper movements, these deeper layers of evolution, that you will find the keys to the future. So peel away the surface and go down into this river of the soul, where we are, where we will guide you, step by step. It will be your own unique path. Sometimes a lonely path, because people won’t understand why you are doing what you are doing. But don’t worry, we are there with you, every step along the path, to guide you to this deepest mysteries of life and death. Because this is the greatest polarity and greatest mystery, that will be revealed in this time: the mystery of life and death. And about the origin of human beings.

There is a source from which everything originates, it’s the life source. It is this mystical power that emanates from deep within the earth to steer human behaviour. There is, you could say, a symbolic Arch of Noah which contains all the seeds of creation. It contains the four elements, earth, water, fire and air, but in such a dense material way that it creates this fifth element all the time. It creates this vibe of life.

Because the two of you have been going down from Keter, from the crown, from extraterrestrial or spiritual level, down into matter, into the deepest cells of matter. It’s at this deepest level of cellular creation that you will find the source of life and death, which is connected to this deep source of the White Nile in the Virunga Mountains. It’s there that this mystery has its roots. From there on life emanated on this planet, and the first civilisations started in the middle of Africa, going more north, traveling more north, to Ethiopia and later on to the Middle East and other areas of the world. But in this moment of an ending, of the apocalyps of civilisation, you have to go back to the origin, to the start of it all, to understand what life is and the force that runs behind it. Which is love, but a very deep love, a love that has the power of nuclear explosion, of a force so vast that it can change continents or change the course of history.’

(Ton sees all kinds of animals appearing.)

‘The trees and the animals are in connection to this source. They live through this source, as humans do, but humans have disconnected from the source and so they don’t understand anymore that they are connected to this web of life. And unless they find the reconnection, they don’t know how to move on to the next stage.

There’s one thing that connects all and everything. Find it.’


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