34.11 RWANDA, Virunga, The Paradise Code

In Isange Paradise Resort, Musanze.

‘Deep within your body lies the reconnection and recollection with the paradise code. You’re still conected to this web of life that created paradise on this planet. But you lost the conscious connection to it. You put a layer over it of so-called civilisation, a layer of a technical nature. But underneath there is still this web that is pulsating and vibrating through your cells, through the trees and through nature and the animals. It is this sacred kingdom that you are part of.

Entering Virunga is becoming conscious of the kingdom of nature, and being aware that you are intrinsically part of this lost kingdom, even while you put fences around it or you make borders to separate it from your own habitat. The separation is just on the surface. On a deeper level everything is still connected. There is no separation, there is no duality. That is only in the mind.

So the invitation is to go deep into your own body, connect to your own cells and to your bones, because the bones contain this memory of where you are coming from. That you are made out of stone, and water, and air, and fire, and that the spirit that is blowing through you is the same spirit that blows through everything of this creation. It is this fifth element, or you can call it the holy spirit, or the anima, or the soul, which in essence is just one. The more you realise this, the more your personal identity becomes transparant. It is still there, but it’s a clear mirror of this oneness.’


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