34.10 RWANDA, Virunga, An Initiation into Being

Tuning into the journey to Rwanda, Virunga. Ton feels the ‘shaman chimpansee’.

‘That’s not my name. We have different names and a different language. Which is connected to the universal language of conscious beings. Anyway…

You are going to be initiated into the primordial matter. What does this mean? As a living being you perceive the three dimensional world around you. The world of the senses. But the world of the primordial matter is beyond that. It is the universal soup of which everything comes into existence. When you lose your mind, you will come to these deeper realisations of being. Knowing that everything has its place and its order, and that even time is an illusion of the mind. And thus all things that happen, all events, are part of this illusion. They happen but in a specific dimension. We invite you to go beyond that dimension and to know that within this primordial stuff/elements, everything is just as it is meant to be.

So lose your mind. Let go of the world that has been created from the mind, your human civilisation, to come back to who you are in essence. Knowing that we are all one, and all connected through this primordial substance. Call it the web of life.

We like to give you this existential experience, even if it is for a small moment. So the five of you who become one body, one soul, can connect to these deeper layers and transfer or translate it into the human mind. Like you are opening a channel from one way of being, from us, to you. From the ancestors to the next generation, to your children.

Make a connection to the young ones, because they will take the lead in the new era. We will guide them, because they are us. Namaste.’


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