34.13 RWANDA, Musanze, Kissing the Earth Awake

Back in Eefde, The Netherlands, after our journey to Rwanda.

‘You cannot imagine what you have done, so don’t try. Because it has been such a collective work to bring consciousness to the deepest place and to the darkest place of humanity, but also of the earth itself. You had to go through layer upon layer upon layer, to go down into the dungeons of humanity, where the soul was lost and there you brought love, life and connection.

In essence it was like kissing the earth awake. Because when mankind fell from consciousness and was expelled from the Garden of Eden, also Mother Earth fell asleep in a certain way. By kissing her awake, she becomes alive again, she becomes conscious, awake, because humanity and the planet Earth are interconnected. It’s one system. Many times you perceive the planet as something different from yourself, as an entity outside of you. But let me tell you she is part of you and you are part of her. It’s one organism. And while you are becoming awake, she is waking up too. She is becoming a conscious planet, and with it all of nature, and the animals, move to a higher level of consciousness.

So the interconnectedness with all the people who have been working with nature, with Mother Earth, with the heart of the Earth, has been strengthened. You could say it has been a tipping moment, a tipping moment in which many things will start to unfold in the coming months. Because you have put the capstone (de sluitsteen) in the arch. Or you could say you have opened the well, the source, so a new wave of very physical consciousness, a consciousness that is very connected to physicality, a new rythm, has been unleashed into the world, and will ripple in all the different fields and cultures and societies.

So your challenge right now is to let go, let go of your thoughts or expectations and just return back to your own self. Make it simple. Step by step. By doing less, more happens.’


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