35.02 PAKISTAN, Lahore, The Blue People 2

‘Lahore is the city of angels. It is here that they brought the seeds of the Tree of Life. The very root of existence from the Kabbalah. The Tree of Life originates in the Indus Valley in the city of Lahore, where for the first time the whole creation pattern was installed and activated. From here this knowledge of creation fertilised the whole Indus culture, later the fire temples in Iran, and from there on this sacred wisdom came into the jewish religion. It went to the Middle East and from the Middle East to Spain in later centuries.

But the root of the tree is in Lahore. It is here that the ancients brought the vehicle in energetic form down to earth through which they could create life on earth. They could create plants and animals, genetic forms. These blue people had the power to communicatie telepathically and they became the gods in later legends and myths and religions. But basically they were the messengers or the angels from other star constellations, starting human civilisation on planet Earth.

Aywa. The Aramic language stams from their language. It is a language with sounds that can create, that touch the heart and that has a direct influence on matter.

So we are here with you now and we can make full contact, because you have been initiated on this path of the Kabbalah – which we call differently, but the word ‘Tree of Life’ makes much sense to us, because it was about the creation of life. At this moment in time there is much fighting, as you know, in the Indus valley in the North, in Cashmir, which was one of our sacred gardens of creation. Now at all these ancient places people fight wars, unknowingly they are fighting for the source, to have dominion over life. But it’s only through deep surrender to the divine that you can get in contact with the source of life.
By going to these places as you are doing, in Armenia, in Schotland, in Andalucia, in Israel, in India and Pakistan, you acknowledge and you reactivate these power places of the Tree of Life.

So again, the fruits from your work will come in time. We just wanted to remind you of the sacred work you are doing and to let you know that we are in constant communication with you. We are guiding you, and it’s in this cocreation that the world will start anew.’


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