Mother of All Nations

Help us to come together
without exception:
from the banker to the homeless
from the CEO to the refugee
from the young to the old
One family, many colors
One race, many beliefs.
Help us to overcome
our own shadow,
our greed or egoism, our laziness
or fear of not being good enough.
Help us to shine
and to bring out the best in us
Help us to overcome our inadequacy,
and make us instruments of your power and glory.
Help us to be an example for the next generations to come
to stand up and rise
to speak our truth
not to conquer each other
or judge our neighbor
but to be strong and united.
Dear Mother,
there is a lot of suffering, fear and anger.
Make us see that they are the projections of our own demons.
Let us fight a battle to become spiritual warriors
to help Mother Earth and be true guardians
of the Garden we live in.
Help us to surrender to your guidance,
even if we are not sure if you are there.
But give us trust and faith
so that even in the midst of darkness
our light will shine for everyone to see.
Great Mother,
Bless us and help us to be the best we can be
and to face the greatest challenge of this time:
the survival of our human kindness
in an age of turbulence and transformation
Help us to remember
that it is through the crack in the wall
that the light comes in.
That it is in our deepest despair
that there is hope
and that when the winter is over
there will be a new spring..