04.20 BALI, Ubud, The Ritual of Gelungan

‘Welcome to this inner space, this inner temple of Bali. We’d like to take you on a tour through different realities this week, to explore and to become part of this inner world, that has so much of the old traditions and old wisdom stored here.

The way to go through this is to play. To play with reality and to bring humour into your spiritual process. And at the same time take all these impulses seriously. So we invite you to take yourself as seriously as you can, and at the same time as playfully as you can. It’s this combination that opens up the sanctum, sanctorium, the holy of holiest of the island. The womb of the Goddess. The place of creation, because this is one of the places of creation.

You are the four guardians of a ritual that is going to take place: the Gelungan. It’s a ritual play between dark and light, which plays itself out within you and in the world outside. Take it seriously and at the same time playfully, create the vibe, so both are acknowledged and transformed. Light and dark meet each other and melt in the consciousness of unity. So don’t be afraid for the dark and don’t be ashamed of the light. We wish you a very joyful week.’

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