06.15 EGYPT, Abydos, Osyrion

‘We have been waiting for you, to bring light and darkness together, to overcome duality and transform it into unity. Not by conquering one or putting one above the other, but by embracing both. This is the highest spiritual knowledge that you need for your next step of evolution: to bring light and dark together. Because then your original blueprint can be activated.

You are higher beings incarnated into a physical plane of duality and thus it creates suffering. It creates time and space. It creates an earthly dimension through which you struggle. But at the end of this struggle, at the end of the mud, you will become the lotus. So as humanity you are in a process of going to the next stage. And it is by releasing all the pain that is behind this darkness that you open up in your core being. Because your soul becomes more and more tangible and visible within the body. So you could say you as a personality, as a person, are only a fragment of who you really are. The more you manifest yourself, the more you are in tune with your heart and with your soul, the more your complete being can walk upon this earth.

You are so much more than you think you are. We from this other dimension are part of you, we are you. The gods as you projected them into images and archetypes, they are you. The Mother God or the Father God, they are you. You are equal to the gods, but you don’t realise it yet. And thus you stumble in the darkness, not knowing why you are here and what you have to do. But when you awaken to your true identity you realize that that which you are is merely a form, is a vessel, is an instrument for your larger being to arise.

This is about the awakening of humanity, this is about the awakening of who you are. And thus we have asked you to go to the deepest places and the darkest corners of the Earth, to bring healing, and nourishment, and compassion. Because by embracing the collective darkness the whole of humanity can move forward. And this may take generations, but by the seeds you sow, the fruits will come. So again, we like to say: trust in the process. Trust in yourself.

The temple of Abydos is one of the places of healing, the houses of healing where this light and dark connection can be performed. It is in the old Osyrion that people awakened to this true identity: within the darkness of this temple, once when it was covered, a human being could enlarge their light body and remember who they are. The body is the vessel, the soul is the true being. Visualize yourself being baptised in the healing waters of the Osyrion. Being cleansed through water, oil, air and perfume. So your larger being can be awakened within the body.

Thus we spoke.’


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