06.18 EGYPT, Abydos, The Golden Phoenix

In preparation of our next trip to Egypt, we draw the card of Transmutation, on which we see a red woman coming out of the fire.

‘This is de energy of the Phoenix, the golden feminine arising from the ashes. It is this golden light of transmutation, of fire, that creates, that brings the world into movement. It is from the ashes of the Arabic world, of the old civilisations, that the ancient, yet powerful feminine force arises, through the alchemical process of death and rebirth, of changing lead into gold. So it is through your darkness, through your pain and your wounds, ignorance of unconsciousness, that this new energy can arise. So the key is in the darkness, the gateway is through your wounds, the solution is in the problem. And it is this bond of lightworkers, of masters, that work together to bring this feminine to the surface, to resurface in the consciousness of humankind.

Gold is also the element of the Christ consciousness and in this respect, it’s the feminine Christ. It reunites Sekhmet and Hathor, it reunites Seth and Osiris into the original blueprint because both were two aspects of the same god. Brought down through conflict and treason into duality, into two aspects struggling with each other. But through this unification, and transmutation, the original blueprint of the divine masculine and the divine feminine will come back into the consciousness. So you all have one part of the puzzle, one part of the duality. And by connecting to the other part, with your opponent, with that which has been split away from you – and thus created a gap of dual thinking of conflict, of misunderstanding – you will come back to your origin to how you are supposed to be in your full soul consciousness, your full soul embodiment. Because it is in embodying this original blueprint that you are truly becoming who you are.

This is the information you get about this process that you’re going through, either here or in Egypt. It’s part of this longer process, also with the traveling to Iran, but you need each other in this process. We will be here as well to guide you in it. The colour gold will help you a lot to get the solution of the alchemical process.

Embrace the darkness, embrace your opponents, ‘cause they are another part of you.

Enter the temple of the golden sun in which the transmutation of the physical world and the etherical world will take place and your soul will come home. Aton. Aton, Adon, Adonai.’


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