06.17 EGYPT, Abydos, Sacred Relationships

‘Ahiuwi Amon Moena… This frase is from the Lemurian language of the ancients. It came through the mystery schools of Egypt, of Ethiopia and before that from the Motherland of Mu. It tells about the divine connection between humankind and the divinity, between the worldly dimension and the divine dimension. By expressing these words, you create a bridge: you open a gate between the dimensions, and that is how the light can come in. The restoration can begin.

The darkness has set in because humankind has been disconnected from the divine, from the source. That is why they fell into duality. This is the fall from Eden: the disconnection from the divine. By opening the gate of the divine in Abydos, all has been set into the right order of things. This what we meant by going beyond light and dark, which is part of the duality on the earthly plane. If you go beyond the duality you come into this state of oneness, which is a state of divine being.

The sword of truth and wisdom is now impregnating into the collective field of northern Africa and Egypt. It is like a healing needle that is restoring the disbalance between the male and female. It also restores the disbalance and the corruption of the priesthood. They have been quite negative and distorting within relationships between man and woman. Intimacy and sexuality used to be an instrument for divine communication. By connecting male and female energies the gate could be opened, but through corruption of the priesthood this became out of balance. The male power took over and the feminine power was ignored. Thus everything got out of balance.

This was just a drop of the beginning and the work you will do will be spread on a larger scale. Now it is possible to spread this throughout the world, because Ethiopia and Egypt are one of the birthing places. As soon as the baby is born, it can grow up into the real world. This is what the book Sacred relationships, sacred sexuality is all about. It is to share the knowledge of male/female communication with the divine, so the Earth can be healed. Healing of the world starts with love, with couples, with men and woman that connect through their intimate love with the divine love and so open this huge channel for light and cosmic codes of evolution to come down on an earthly plane.

Do you understand that this work is beyond comprehension, beyond words, because it is such a great work to be done? We appreciate all of you who have been involved in this cocreation of healing, everyone in his own place. Don’t be shy to show your power, to connect, to be intimate, because through this a higher power is being released. And the baby is the book. Thank you, thank you, thank you…’

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