06.20 EGYPT, Luxor, The First Pharaonic Principle of Leadership

‘Luxor is the spiritual capital of Egypt. It was the place of the pharaohs, the throne of the kings and queens of the ancient Egypt. They connected spiritual inspiration with daily life and earthly matters. It is this connection that will be important in your journey. To bring leaders together, leaders in their own field, who want to have this spiritual connection and inspiration. They can be managers, or therapists, trainers and teachers, or political leaders; people who want to broaden their scope and know that to run a business, to run an earthly company, you need this connection to the divine, to the divine inside yourself, to the divine feminine and the divine masculine. People who are willing to open up to a new level of power and integrity. Who are ready to put themselves into the light and who are willing to be an instrument of the higher vibrations of love and compassion. Because this is what the spiritual level encompasses and brings: that your leadership will become a leadership from the heart, supported by the mind and by the power of the belly, the power of actions.

The main focus is this intention from the heart in service of the greater whole. This was what the 18th dynasty was all about, the great dynasty of the pharaohs, from Hatshepsut till Achnaton. You will get to learn about them and the other way around, they will teach you by their examples, they will show you the way to your inspiration and to your destiny. Visiting the temples will be helpful to open up to this ancient secret knowledge of the Egyptian culture and their connection to the Beyond. To the spiritual level of Sirius and Orion, representing Isis and Osiris. Walk in grace and beauty. Be like an Egyptian. And follow the path of the heart.’

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