06.29 EGYPT, Aswan, Blueprint of Paradise

‘Aswan is an ancient place of creation. There’s always been an abundance of birds and fish and other organisms. So when you tune into this Garden of Eden, you will find the original blueprint of Mother Nature, of the Earth and all its inhabitants, but also the blueprint of humankind.

It has been long stored here in this oasis of the Nile and since immemorial times humans have inhabited this place. So go beyond the Egyptian or the Nubian culture, towards that ancient time when the first humans created their rituals to do a ceremony of life, through movement, through their bodies, through their spirit and through their hearts and hands.

Take good care of your bodies, because they are the carriers of life. Connect to the source, to the root of life. Listen to the stones and to the trees, to the birds and to the water and you will understand where the Nubian-Egyptian culture originated, and how they got in contact with the esoteric traditions that blossomed in later eons. But the root of it is much older and goes back to this shamanic time where humankind cocreated with nature. This is also a place of regeneration, shedding your old skin and being born anew, to adapt to a new life force running through your veins. Connect to the Dark Mother, the Queen of the Land of Gold, to Mother Africa, to the source.’


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