06.11 EGYPT, Aswan, The Great Mother

‘You never left the garden. This is all part of the illusion. The separation from the goddess, from the divine, from the feminine, it’s all part of the mind. It’s all part of the illusion you’re living in. You could say it’s a lie, but it’s just no more than a human mistake that needs forgiveness, so you can return to the Garden of Paradise. Which is in you, which is all around you.

The only thing that is needed is that you remember it inside yourself, inside your relationships, inside society, and as soon as you know you are the divine, you are the Great Goddess, you are the Great Gods, you come home to yourself and you shed all the ages of darkness and illusion.

Because nothing was ever separated. It was all one to begin with and throughout the whole process. Only through the fall of the mind you started to believe in separation and in pain and in adversity.

So please come into my arms, come into my lap, come to my bossom, come to my yoni and let yourself be nourished and cared for in my ever compassionate heart and body. Welcome home, welcome home, welcome home. The whole journey that you made, not only here in Egypt or in this lifetime, but in many lifetimes, is meant to come home. But you had to make the journey. There was nothing wrong, not even in the darkest moments, because they were all part of my great oneness. So forgive yourself and celebrate your reunion, your sacred union with the divine and with each other. Because it is in the connection with each other that the divine can manifest and show itself. When you look into each other’s eyes, when you embrace each other, when you touch each other’s hearts or bodies, you remember who I am. Because I am that I am, from the beginning till the end, from the alpha to the omega.

Go to the Great Lake which stores all the memories of ancient Nubia, the Dark Goddess, and bring back from the deep this wisdom, this remembering. Connect to the water, because this is who you are. I am in the water and in the stones, I am in the birds and in the alligators. Remember who you are in everything that you meet, in every person that you meet. Blessings upon you.’

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