06.34 EGYPT, Aswan, Tii Speaks: the Hidden Power of Africa

‘Queen Hatshepsut was the White Queen. She opened the doorway to the land of Kush, making the first connections and bringing all the treasures from that golden land towards Egypt. In that way the gate was opened towards the rest of Africa.

I was the black queen coming later, bringing that ancient wisdom from the south. From the animals, from nature. We in my lineage were so connected to the powers of the animals. I was connected to the black lioness or panther. We had connections with the whole spiritual tradition of the inlands of Africa, all the medicine men and deep down to the south, to the origin of the Nile. It is from the south that this great treasure came to us, this great power that we brought to the north. It’s the hidden power of Africa.

Now, while all the chess pieces take their places on the board for the final end game, we bring this dark power in again. Which is not bad but it’s dark, to match the queens and the kings of the north.

The question is: who rules the throne of the golden city of Jerusalem? Because it’s there that all the pieces will come together. We have been working behind the scenes to open up all the hidden powers and treasures, to bring them to the surface in the right moment so it can be used and not be abused. Because when it’s abused we will take it back.

Go to the lake in the south. That’s where you will find the hidden treasure.’

(augustus 2019)

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