06.32 EGYPT, Aswan, Peter and the Black Pharaohs

Peter and Ton abandon the idea of traveling to Egypt and Sudan because they get stuck in financial matters. They meditate on what is needed.

‘It’s all about the power of intention. You get stuck in the matrix of money and patriarchal values. But in essence you’re searching for the great goddess, for the power of Isis, which is beyond all the outer forms. Now the outer forms have their role to play. They need to be there, but the priority is to go to the source, to the essence of why you are coming. You have been traveling alone now, to Cairo, to Alexandria, to Amarna, to Luxor, to Aswan. And now you’re invited to go deeper into Africa to explore the land of the black pharaohs and its mysteries. To uncover a more ancient wisdom than that in Egypt.

Because Egypt came out of Africa. Egypt is the child and Sudan and Ethiopia are the parents and the grandparents. It’s in this more ancient field that you can make the next steps to uncover the power of gold deep within the Earth. Don’t get side-tracked by outer forms, be it political or financial. But stay focused on the essence, the source, the divine feminine leading you, initiating you.’


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