07.25 PALESTINA, Bet Shean, Take Your Place

‘The great play is going to start. Everyone is taking their place at the moment. So you have to be a little patient, because in this great field of lines and powerplaces all are going towards their home base, so they can work and align on that place. So just know that you have all the time, don’ t hurry. The more you slow down, the more you come in contact with the other dimensions which are beneath, which are beyond this reality. This is your invitation to really go inside and to connect to these deeper layers of existence. What you see is just a play in the outer world, it is a place of stones, a city. But we would like to invite you to look beyond into older times, into the origin, the blueprint of the matrix. If you look into the blueprint of this matrix, you will see the powerplace, thus your point fields from which this is all created.

Inside the mountain, the Tell, there is this strong pulse of energy, but it has been destroyed a long time ago. It has been covered by wars, later by eartquakes, and the forgetfulness which is the biggest cover-up.

So what we would like you to do, is to slowly move towards the Tell, in your own rhythm and your own pace. By opening your heart to this old energetic temple, you will open up the doors and you will connect to all the lines, the lines to the North, the South, the West and to the East, don’t forget the East.

The more you are aligned within yourself, the more you are aligned with the greater grid of this area. Even if there are disturbances around you, don’t react to them, because they try to tempt you to go back into the world of duality, and the challenge is to go into the field of unity. See if you can look through your heart. See if you can look through the eyes of love. And while you move in gentlenes and silence, connected with each other.

The play has started. The curtain goes up, and you may look beyond the veil. All the players are ready to play their part, be it good or bad. Now you can go to your place of shadow, or move through the city, and connect again on the top of the Tell.’


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