08.02 ROMANIA, Bucharest, Working on the Grid, Opening the Gates

‘This is the voice of Metatron. The path you have walked today is the beginning of a long track, down to the south to open three gates. Three gates that give access to the Earth grid around the world. Now this is rather specific information and it is important that you follow it precisely, because it is like mathematics. You have to find the solution to the equation; you have to balance the equation.

The three gates are Budapest, Bucharest and Damascus. You don’t need to go into Turkey. That has been taking care of by others. The importance of these three gates are the lines, the connections between east ands west. Between Russia and Europe and between China and the Middle East. These connections were distorted and the gates were closed. These lines were not only trade routes, routes for merchandary, but they were also energetic routes, to balance the culture of East and West. By loosing these connections there has been an imbalance; an imbalance of energy, an imbalance of freedom, an imbalance of cultural development, evolutionary development. So by opening the gates this energy can connect itself from one side to the other and the balance can be restored.

Now this can’t be taken lightly. It is quite precise and difficult work because your bodies will be the key in opening the gates. Being the key means that you will conduct a lot of energy through your system. It needs a lot of awareness and consciousness: you are not the subject but the instrument. It is like music. You are being played upon, you are not the player. So surrender to the higher consciousness, surrender to the higher leadership that uses you to restore the balance of the place.

Now this may sound incredible and difficult to understand, but let me tell you, you don’t need to understand the whole picture. Just take what you need and can understand and follow your heart.

It is important to listen to your heart and listen to your consciousness to know what you need to do. This is all. We give this information for later times, so when you look back you know the pieces of the puzzle that are coming together. Which will have its fruits in the future. Now its only traveling through darkness, through an unknown country, to let yourself be guided to the places you have to be. Just by being there, by opening up, by letting the flow run through your body, you are doing what you need to do. It is following the flow and trying to enjoy everything you encounter on your path. Not holding back, not judging, not blocking the flow.

This is a very individual process, but at the same time it is about connecting to others; to your partner, to your friends and to the people you meet. You walk the path of the feminine, which is connected to the restoration of the Earth grid. These are the energy lines, the dragon lines around the world. And by restoring the grid, you restore the balance of humankind and consciousness on Earth.

This is a very new concept and a very ancient one. Because in the old civilisations, in Atlantis and Lemuria, this was common knowledge among the initiated ones. They used this knowledge to balance and steer cultures. They knew what they were doing by using their own bodies, as you are using yours. They knew how to influence the development of their own culture and their own consciousness.

You entered the gate, the first gate of the feminine. Here in Brücken, entering the path, that will lead you through the coming months, up till the sacred dome, the golden gate of Jerusalem. Try not to take it too personally with you and around you. See it as a movie that is passing through your system. Don’t become attached to it. Don’t take it personally, neither on yourself, neither on your partner, neither on your fellowship. Be gentle, because their will be a lot of darkness.

The darkness will only melt through the loving capacity of compassion. We have spoken and we wish you a gentle journey through the middle of Europe towards the south.’

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