09.09b ITALY, Sovana, The Return of the King

‘Welcome to the king’s chamber. It is here that the resurrection of the king’s energy is taking place. The return of the King can only happen by the initiation of de feminine. It is the women, the wise women, the powerful women, the young women, that can call this king’s energy to become alive again. Like Mary Magdalene blessing the feet of Jesus, so he could be initiated into his King’s energy, the Annointed One, the Messiah. This same ritual was performed at this place. To bring back a healthy, divine, masculine energy to be awakened, to restore the order in the kingdom and restore the connection between heaven and earth.

The ritual of death and rebirth entering the womb of Mother Earth, dying in her arms, letting go of the wordly affairs, entering the void, the beyond, being enclosed for three days and then return to the light, return to the world. This was the ritual that was performed at this place. When the king would return out of the darkness, out of Mother Earth, he would wear a white robe with a laurel around his head. He would be cleansed from all sins, from all darkness, and he would be washed and annointed, balmed with oil. His whole body would be massaged with oil. This was a yearly ritual, to cleanse the ones being in power. So they could be aligned to the Great Mother and could be reborn from the Great Mother, before they would take on their leadership.

The vulva of the Goddess is also a symbol of returning to the beyond, to die and be reborn. This time not out of a woman, but out of the Great Mother herself.

It is this connection between the invisible and the visible world that was a very strong element in Etruscan culture, as well as in Egyptian and all ancient cultures. This connection needs to be restored, because without this connection both worlds die and the balance is forgotten. This is what you feel about the depression of people, because they don’t have a connection anymore to the spiritual world. There is a hunger for it. This is also the loneliness that you feel. It is the hunger for this other world. By witnessing this old ritual after the return of the king, you are helping to bridge the other world with this world, the other time with this time, opening up the doors, lifting the veils, releasing darkness, releasing oppression, restoring the masculine energy, so it can take it’s place again in the circle of life and lead from wisdom, not from fear or anger.’

(Etruscan Parc, near a tomb)

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