09.10a ITALY, Monte Amiata, Enlightenment of Italy

‘First we would like to congratulate you on the work you have done, because at an energy level a huge step has been taken, and an enormous weight has been removed from the burden that is on the wisdom and love, hidden in the Italian country and the Italian people. You could say that you have taken and beared a part of the pain, that is the heaviness you might sense, and you have taken it in and lived through it, with the four of you, which is not the most pleasant thing to do.

You are confronted with yourself and with the others, including all the projections and discomfort, but in fact there is no other way to do this. It is the bearing of the sins of the world, pecata mundis, but because of this the sins, to use that word again, the weight, can be lifted. So don’t underestimate what you have done. It will become more clear in the coming weeks, because this liberation will have a great effect on the whole area.Things will come to the surface a lot easier, people will be inspired more easily, because, so to say, you have lifted the stone from the well. You can almost take this literally; the heavy lid on the well to the shaft of Mother Earth, through which the ancient wisdom can manifest itself. It could not come out because there was too much pain connected to it. Pain from the past, from rape, suppression, violence, from corruption. All these heavy energies clot together.

You could say that Amiata and Bosena, the mountain and the lake, the male and the female, are the centerpoint around which the whole country evolves. It actually is the central point from which it rules the whole penisula of Italy energetically. By freeing up these places and putting them in the light, step by step, the whole country can develop and enlighten. A gate of time has been opened between the time of the Etruscans and now, through which things from the past, ancient wisdom, can manifest itself again in the Italian culture. Specifically it is about the connection with Mother Earth and also the connection with the cosmos, the earth-heaven-marriage.

The proces is not yet finished, it isn’t over. You have done a part of it, say a step on the stairs, but there are moments to come that are very important in the development of Italy and Europe.

So, this is the first introduction. When we begun, it was about a battle of freedom and this battle that you started with yourself and that still continues, to become warriors of the light, and in which you sharpen. Confirm and ratify yourself.

Do you have any specific questions to complete things for yourself?’

What is the next step?

‘The only thing I see is the number nine, three times three is nine. It has something to do with the whole constellation around the lake. It is as if a number of people have to be positioned to make sure the whole thing opens up.’

My intuition is that we have to do something around the lake at different spots.

‘Yes, three spots, three times three, as if we have to open it up. The lock has already been removed. That certainly is done.’

I have a question, but immediately got the answer. What is good to do right now? A lot of water, rinsing and cleaning. Water removes the heavy energy. It makes sure that you will be beared, that you can flow and that everything is removed from your system. You must clean yourself after energy work and it is very important that you do this thoroughly. So let a lot of water go over and through yourself, so that you are able to open up again. For instance take a bath or go swimming.

‘Don’t be discouraged. On this road the challenges are huge and the tendency to give up correspondingly. Abide to hope, the power of hope, that will always guide you to the next step. Although the light you might see is only small, it is still a sign to continue.

And what I also see, is the three aspects that have been liberated are spirituality, sexuality and creativity. It is all about this triangle. This is what is suppressed the most by the Catholic Church and by the whole system. It is still suppressed, at the moment by the government that tries to lock up people in these three forces. Artists don’t have freedom, sexuality is forbidden and corrupted and spirituality is suppressed totally. It is all about honoring these three aspects and restoring them in their rightful position in the world. You are blessed. Take enough time and rest to recover from this trip till the next step. Ciao.’

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