09.25 ITALY, Rome, The Gate of Transfiguration (St. Peter)

Ton and Agnes open a portal in Rome.

‘The gate of transfiguration, through the process of death and rebirth, which is a very ancient Goddess ritual of the king dying to be reborn in service of mankind: this is what actually is happening in Rome. It will transform the whole catholic church. There is a sacrifice that is being willingly given, so the new can blossom and the old can die. This is what this gate is all about, that a new life can start. It is as birth. But just as there is birth, there is death. When something is born, something else is dying. When all these people gather at the St. Peters Square, they will hold the energy to go through the gate.

It is the connection between the male and the female, between you, Agnes, and you, Ton. But also between the pope and Cybele. The pope representing the patriarchal church and Cybele the invisible Goddess in the garden of the Vatican. This needs to come into a new balance of male and female leadership. So to open the gate, also bring the four elements together: water, fire, earth and air, so the fifth element can open up. The way you can help to give birth to this process is to visualise flowers. Bring flowers to the St. Peters Square. 

The Goddess will manifest. The egg will open. The Eastern egg holding the mystery of life.’

(19/04/2019, Good Friday, two days before Easter)

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