11.24 BELGIUM, Montmedy, The Order of Druids

‘I am of the order of druids, from a long time ago, before the coming of your Christ or Messiah. There was a whole culture in that time, a magical culture, where we communicated with the spirits of nature, with the spirits of other dimensions and with our Great Mother. We came together for our monthly rituals on the full moon or on the new moon, on this place called Montmedy. It was the place where the men were gathering, like there was also the place where the women were gathering. We had both circles, and both were in communication with each other. We respected each other’s wisdom, the feminine wisdom and the male wisdom. We also visited each other to exchange this information.

We always cared for the fire, the sacred fire, which brought us in contact with this wisdom. We used certain plants, certain herbs, to come into a higher consciousness. Through this higher consciousness, using these plants and the fire, we got information about the world, not only our own community or country, but we could communicate throughout the whole world to other orders of wisdom. There was a whole network, telepathic network, of communication, like we communicate with you now. This was the way we did it, before it got terribly distorted and destroyed. So there wasn’t only a communication through space, but also through time. We knew at the end that our knowledge would be lost for eons. But the last thing we did, was planting the hope, the seed, for a new time to come, and for the return of the spiritual knowledge in the middle of Europe, to bring back the wisdom of the heart.

It is through men and women like you yourself that we can make ourselves known again in this time of change and transformation. You are our offspring, our heritage. And by listening deep into your own heart and into your own guts and your own womb, you will remember us, you will know who you are inside of you, because we live on in you. We are made of the same species as you, the sages, the wise men and wise women. By coming back to these places like Arduina, like Malmedy, you invoke the energies from this old time to become awake again. It’s like a flower opening.

Now for each of you this place has a different message, and it’s in this personal message that you serve the collective. It’s in your personal awakening and opening of the heart that you contribute to the collective consciousness. Make – from your place and from Malmedy – this network with other places like, for instance, Istanbul, like the Middle East, like Russia, like the Scandinavian countries, like England and Scotland and Ireland, because they were all connected to our school.

When we were destroyed and in the end forgotten, only the sacred lore, the stories, the fairy tales, remembered our presence in the ancient days of the elves, the gnomes, the wizards of Middle Earth. Bring back the ring to connect them all, not in evil or despair, but in compassion and wisdom.’

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