11.29 BELGIUM, Tervuren, Message from the Tree People

We are sitting in the Lodge and Ton is caught by the energy of the magnolia tree in the garden.

‘This is a message from the tree people. Although we know that humankind doesn’t know very well how to communicate with us, we are living beings, with our own mind and our own emotions and our own destiny. We guard the wisdom of nature. You could say that we are a conference of beings coming together for a very long time to discuss and nourish that old wisdom that is still in our roots and in our leaves, which is the wisdom of the Celtic tradition. The connection between nature and mankind. We are a sort of intermediates in this.

We follow the movements of Brussels, because we are part of it. We are part of the species of this continent. As such we try to influence your decisions as humans. We do this by trying to let you remember the old wisdom, remember your connection to the Earth, remember that you are also part of the Earth and a child of the great Mother Planet. Although sometimes it seems you have forgotten this completely, creating your own world apart from the Great Mother. It is time you return to her and that your actions and your decisions are in alignment with the evolution of the planet and of nature.

It is very good if you come to us to hold meetings within our environment, so we can talk with each other and inspire you for the future of Europe, because we can nourish you and help to guide you in this process. It is our challenge to speak out, even if we do not have a voice or a tongue. But we like to get in contact, so you are very welcome to confer with us, to find a common solution and a common future. Because without us there is no future, and without you there is no future as well. It’s all in cooperation that a next step can be forged for the benefit of all involved.’


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