12.01 PERU, Cusco, The White and the Red Path

‘We would like to welcome you into the initiation of the Red Road and the White Road. The Red Road is from the indigenous people, dating back thousands of years. In the old tradition of our tribes, we have kept the ancient knowledge of the creation of the world and the coming together of all people. This coming together is initiating or starting the White Road. It’s a new time, a new vision. A new world to be created, starting from the zero point in time. We are coming here to visit you, in spirit and in matter, to invite you to join us. To know of our songs. To read in our books of wisdom of the ancients. To get to know our culture from within. We are honoured to get to know you and we would like to share our secret teachings of the elders. We know you have your unique special path to go, and if we can contribute to that, we are very happy and honoured.

For Ton: finish the book, part two, and take a break. Because you need new information to go on. For soon you’ll finish your work and open up to the unknown. Let yourself be guided, because this is the real art: to open up to spirit and be a creative channel, for the soul to come true. You are its hands and its feet, and its voice. Don’t put an image on it, about how you wanted to look like. It is not about a result. It is about a process of creating. It is not about money or being perfect or great. It is just about willing to be a guide, to be who you are.

It is like an intention. You understand the difference between intention and performance. In performance things need to be right and complete. In intention you only need to make a choice of willingness, and the rest you can just surrender to Great Spirit. Enjoy to be used by the Great Spirit. It is like being a pipe. The air, the breath of Great Spirit moves through you and will make music and sound.

Prepare for the Ethiopia book, book two. Skip unnecessary meetings. Be happy.’


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