12.06 ANTILLES, Bonhaire, Chief Indian Bonaire

‘This is the place where we got in contact with our ancestors. The ones who came before us, many many eons ago. They created this space for initiation to reach beyond the stars, beyond time and space, to get the knowledge of our star people. Because we are not from this Earth. We came from another planet in the star constellation. And we had to preserve this knowledge so you could benefit from it.

It’s all about becoming spiritual warriors, bringing the higher energies of our home planet to this place and to preserve the species. To bring that old wisdom to these modern times, in which you have forgotten your spiritual heritage.

There has been a disruption by the white people who didn’t acknowledge our spiritual traditions and destroyed our culture. But you came here to honour us, to find the seeds of our wisdom. So that’s why we wanted to get in contact with you, to pass on the wisdom that is forgotten. You have become part of our people, of our tribes, carrying the red blood, the red path of initiation. You have to carry this wisdom and bring it on into your culture. Because if you don’t change, we will perish. If you don’t get the message, our Mother will not be able to sustain herself, because she is being so much raped and abused by your people.

We honour your traditions and your different roads of life, while we would like to give you our knowledge. Don’t take it lightly, because it is not something to be taken lightly upon you, as you are well aware of. It’s a matter of life and death. You have to face death to become fully alive and to bring this wisdom of love into the world, and bring about this great transformation that was prophesied by the star nation, when we first arrived on this planet. We knew it would go astray, that was part of the plan, so there would be a rainbow nation of warriors, spiritual warriors, coming to this Earth. Incarnating in different tribes of people who would herald the big change, the coming of the fifth world, and you are part of this tribe.

Our time has past, but that’s not a problem, because we will live on through you and through our energetic blueprint, which we left in places like this.

Are you ready for a change? Are you ready to take your leadership? To put on the feathers of power, the feathers of the void, of the universe, which is a dark void? But within the dark void, the new birth can take place. It’s through this nothingness that new life can arise, beyond the ego or personality, as you call it. Your soul has a mission to fulfill, because you have heard the voice of our ancestors.

Are you willing to cooperate with the etheric realms that are beyond comprehension but are still connected to your soul and minds and tongues? Are you willing to step forth and step into the light, be a pioneer of change?

I know it’s not in the words that I speak, but it’s in the energy that I pass onto you, that you will remember where you are coming from, that you remember your origin. Because as soon as you remember the origin, you know the goal, you know the purpose of your existence here on planet Earth and the way you need to achieve it. Don’t be shy. Don’t hold back, but take your place. Be reborn from the womb, from the stone people. Use your fire, the fire of your tongues and of your souls and of your passion, and make a bond. A bond of love and reunion, so you can encompass the whole world and nation of peoples. Because it is in uniting that you will survive, and it is in separation that you will perish.

End of message.’

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