13.01 SYRIA, Damascus, Gathering of the Tribes

‘The councils are gathering, the tribes of all nations are coming together to tap into the old wisdom of the Earth that is needed in this time of definite change. Be prepared to open yourself, to be an instrument. This is an invitation, not a demand. So feel in your own heart if you are ready to open up, to step into this flow, because it will ask a lot of flexibility, a lot of trust. But know that whatever you choose, it is safe and it is okay to make your own choices, because the free will is the most important step on the spiritual path, to acknowledge your free will.

The field you are working in as a group is quite a large field. It is connected with several other councils that are working at the moment, and sometimes that needs a lot of energy to coordinate. It’s like the United Nations, lots of people have to discuss and talk on an energetic level to bring everything into alignment.

The place where you step in, is the connection between the Asiatic councils and the councils of North and South America; so these two that have been separated for a long time have to mingle, to overlap. This overlapping happens between Jericho and Jerusalem, which have the same opposites.

You, who are able to travel easily, can make connections over the world to bring information from one place to another. It’s like the weavers, they take a thread here and they bring it somewhere else and then they go back, and so they make a pattern.

If you don’t know what to do, just stay in the not knowing, because in this field of the not knowing you will invite the wisdom in. Everything happens at the right time, so don’t be in a hurry to make decisions. Still time is running out, so you have to be prepared to be completely in the here and now and act according to your heart’s desires, your heart’s will. Reality is flexible, it is commanded by your heart, not the other way around as it seems.

Are there any questions?’

Can you say anything about Damascus?

‘Like we said, this is about opening the gate towards China and the old line of connection which has been distorted and destroyed. Since there is no connection between the West, the Middle East and Europe and China, this creates a lot of unrest. While there is an important wisdom to be opened in the Chinese culture that until now has been suppressed. So just by going to Damascus and find joy, you will be able to lighten up, to open the gate like you did in Bucharest. By putting the stone in the water, you change the course of the river. This will finally change the essence of the ocean. Don’t underestimate the small changes you make, these are of vital importance. It is not in the great and big plans that things move on this Earth. It is in the very small intentions, in a full and thoughtful and joyful act, that things change on a broader scale. This is the law of Hermes Trismegistos: as above, so below.’

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