13.02 SYRIA, Damascus, The 13th Stone

‘Welcome in Damascus, you are entering the holy gate of the tabernacle, the holy of holiest, which contains one of the thirteen holy stones which have been kept here since many years. It is for you to unlock the secret knowledge of this black stone. Through you as men, as carriers of the light of consciousness, the four pillars of light standing in the right constellation being who you are, this hidden knowledge can be revealed and come to the surface. So it can start working and emanating its powerful energy that has been kept under the surface till now, because it is strong medicine. It is strong medicine, because it is medicine of change and transformation and it opens the channel between the unknown and the invisible and the visible world. As soon as this gate has been opened, there will be a strong release from unconscious energies coming into the conscious world, into the visible world. Which means things will start to change, will start to move in a very physical way.

The eruption of the volcano in Iceland has been a starter for the main dish to come. It’s important to connect with the stones, with the physical world here, because in the matter the information is stored – in this building. So sometimes it is good to touch it, so you can feel your way through it. Your bodies will give the direction, not so much your mind.

Enjoy and circle around the place, because before you can enter into the middle, you have to circle seven times around – so really to open the subtle layers of this place. Take a lot of time in preparation, also for your physical body, so you can really get in contact with deeper layers of consciousness.

Everything is illusion, not because it is not real, but because it is part of the maya, of the world of images. The work you do is beyond these images, but you need a translation to move beyond it. It’s just like a movie: you’re looking at the movie, but you’re going beyond the movie to get the message. And so you can see everything is part of a story, that is trying to help you to come to the essence of what has been told. It’s about opening your eyes, as Paul has experienced when he was here. He suddenly came to the awareness of the divine principle of the Christ consciousness within himself. And that changed his view.

Het zicht waar je al zo lang naar zoekt, wordt je gegeven en geschonken. Je grote verlangen naar inzicht in jezelf en in de kosmische werking van het universum vindt hier zijn aanvang.’

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