13.05 SYRIA, Aleppo, Abuse of the Grailstones

We are questioning ‘the white stone of Aleppo’.

‘The stones of creation. The grail stones that have been abused and distorted by the masculine power of force, because these stones were used as the feminine principle of creative power. But they were of course very attractive to people who wanted to use them for their own benefits. Let’s be clear, there is not only masculinity in men, it is also in women. So it is in all of you, and it is to all of you to lift the veil of darkness, so the stones of creation can be brought together again and can do their work.

Don’t be afraid of the new power of the light that will emerge from this movements of unveiling. This is the time of revelation, speak forth, speak out, because your time has come, and the Great Goddess will return in her original form and stand strong. Lift the veil. Syandana, Aleppo, Samarkant, Jericho, Tripoli, Bagdad, Orval, I hear thousands of names of places that will be enlightened, so people can again step into the source of the Great Mother and they will be connected as one. Because it is the time of the awakening of one within the many.

Welcome to humankind, on the brink of Earth lifting to a new level of consciousness in which you will really be humankind of one planet.

Welcome to the Galactic Federation of interstellar planets who are waiting your cosmic birth in the collective. It is a time to rejoice and to be happy, because you are reaching the point of reunion. You are the ones to herald the good news in this time of so called darkness. Don’t be afraid, lift the veil.

Welcome in the house of the Black Lady, the Black Madonna. She who has been veiled for a very, very long time with the cloth of death. Now is the time to unveil, to lift the darkness, so that the light of the Goddess can shine again in the hearts of people. She will manifest herself through you.

The Islamic people have carried the wisdom but also the suppression of the dark feminine. The Christian people have carried the wisdom and the suppression of the red feminine. And the Jewish people carried the wisdom of Sophia, the white feminine, the feminine Christ. They will be the first and they will be the last to awaken to the cosmic field of oneness. You will have to help them, to support them in their revelation, in their awakening, because their sleep has been deep and painful.

For you it is to bring the power of individuality. It is time to return to brotherhood and sisterhood within the separate people of the Earth. And thus the divine can return within humankind. Because in your separation you have lost the connection to both the divine feminine and the divine masculine. But as soon as you will reconnect with your brothers and sisters around the globe, these basic archetypal principles of maleness and femaleness, of Shiva and Shakti, can be embodied again in your physical being and in your spirit. The cosmic marriage, the divine marriage, happens within you as a human race.

From outside your planetary system there is a lot of joy and connection to the process you are going through at the moment. Know that we are all with you and support your movements individually and collectively and we are ready to stand by and give you all the support you need. So don’t be afraid and know that we are with you all the time. Many, many blessings.’

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