18.09 NEDERLAND, Amsterdam, Message from the Council of Light

‘We are pleased to be in your company. We are messengers of the Council of Light, and we communicate to you through vibration of light, of sound, of visions. This is the way we can bring you messages from the higher realms, i.n which many societies communicate with each other. Planetary, from different planets.

It’s not a coincidence that you are coming together at this moment in time, because you are ready for a next phase, a next wave of consciousness. You have been working very hard. And you have been working through difficult issues. But you brought this whole nation, this whole country, to a next level and a higher vibration of energy, which makes it possible for the next step of evolution, in which you will be messengers of light, throughout the planet.

So your work will become more international. This will be your homebase, but you will be sent out to different parts of the planet, to bring this message of love and light, just as the apostles before you.

So your travelling will be extensive. And it’s not so much in the message, but again in the vibration of your being, that you will bring the message to different people and different parts on earth. It’s purely by being there that your message will be brought forth to others. Not only to the people you meet, but into the field, into the collective field of consciousness on that specific part of the planet.

At the same time we are connecting to each other at this place. You will be able to load your batteries, to come home, to rest in the company of others, that have the same frequency. And thus you will rejuvenate your own cells. Because by doing your work and sending out the message you will lose some of your energy. So resourcing is a very important part of your work. You have to reload yourself and bring yourself back to your own frequency. Because you will work with interference, with the frequencies of others and those frequencies will also influence or contaminate your own. So you have to take care of your instrument, which is your own body, your own aura. To clean it. To honour it as a temple.

Holland, and especially Amsterdam, has become a beacon of light. The city of light. And it’s through this light that a lot of other cities will be touched. So you will become messengers of light, and you will all be sent to specific places that need your vibration and your influence.

One of you works in images, which is a different form of communication, but also important. The other is dance, the other is text, the other is sound. So all of these different languages complete each other and make up the whole spectrum of healing arts. Basically healing means communicating with the higher level of vibration, which is happening at the moment.

It’s not in the words, but it’s in the energy behind it that we are able to make contact with you and your cells and your cords of your DNA.

Welcome to the Council. Welcome to your colleagues. We honor you and we respect your choices and your struggle, because you are doing the field work. It is not always easy, but we are there to support you in all cases. Don’t hesitate to call for help and assistance. We are always there to help and nurture you.’

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