22.20 SPAIN, Alhama de Granada, Family of Light

‘Through the ages there has always been a family of light. Men and women who tap into the ancient wisdom of creation. Who are connected to the source. Who know deep in their hearts that there is a secret dimension beyond the physical world. And by being in contact with this other world we know how to create this world, this dimension. So these lightbringers are bridging the gap between the divine dimension and the human dimension. They are home everywhere, because they follow the heart. They cannot find their home in a place, or in a family, or in a tradition, because they know their home is beyond this world. Yet they are part of a family. A secret tradition of light bearers. People who understand that if you follow the heart you will make a trail of light, so others can follow in your footsteps. Thus creating a network of light all around the planet.

It is these lightworkers that prepare for the new future to come, that plant seeds of light into the ground. It is this family of light that we want to invite in the land of Andalucia. Lucia, from the light, and anda means earth. Earth of light. To connect to each other, to drink from the source, to get inspired, to find rest and to rejuvenate. In the name of Christ and Mary Magdalene. So afterwards they can go out into the world to do their work.

We invite you to come home. To rejoice and to connect with your family of light, and open a new chapter in the book of love.’


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