22.XX SPAIN, Alhama de Granada, Angels and Demons

Yesterday we closed off the 4th MMF, and are tuning in to what happened during the week.

‘You have been performing a very powerful and strong healing ritual. For this you all had to take a role, a position in a greater constellation. It might be helpful to explain the different roles and the different positions in this alchemical process, this healing ritual.

First of all you needed to have a cauldron in which this process could take place. This cauldron consists of six directions: north and south, east and west, earth below, sky above. Within this cauldron you had the four elements: earth and water, fire and air. Within these four you had the coming together of masculine and feminine, the male and the female, which we will explain later.

Within this process you had seven people who represented seven demons, seven people who represented seven angels. The seven demons are greed and avarice, lust, anger or hate, fear, hubris or arrogance, naivety or stupidity and limitlessness. The seven angels are love, compassion or forgiveness, beauty, wisdom or insight, the angel of abundance, the angel of joy and playfulness and the angel of power and strength. Within the center of centers, within the holiest of holiest is the Migdal, the Magdala, the woman who sees all. Which was represented in this ritual by Meital.

So this is your group, six forming the cauldron, seven forming the demons, seven angels and one Magdala in the middle who had the vision of healing, which was on three levels. The vision of healing for herself, a vision of healing for the village in which you had a lecture in the tower and a vision for the whole world, which was represented in Cadiz, where you also stood in the tower and you could see the whole world around you.

Now there is no right or wrong in this whole process. Each one represents all of the aspects within himself, but because you could do it all together, this became so much more powerful.’


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