22.XX SPAIN, Alhama de Granada, White Buffalo Calf Woman

Tuning into the next MMF or Healing Conferentie in Alhama, july 2020. We just drew the card White Buffalo Calf Woman, as a theme for the coming year. This is her voice.

‘I represent the Rainbow Nations. I am White Buffalo Calf Woman of the tribe of Turtle Island, of the Sioux. Like you we went through a time of ordeal and challenge. We had to restore our faith in the Great Spirit. It wasn’t easy, since we were mostly wiped out but our wisdom and our connection to Great Spirit is coming back. Our reverence to Mother Earth is returning throughout all humanity. So this time the Warriors of the Rainbow are awakening in all races, in all religions.

We went through this process of death and resurrection, so that this knowledge would be spread all over the planet. It asked a great sacrifice and suffering from our people, the people of the red road. But now as we see the result and the importance, we understand the ways of Great Spirit and we accept the sacrifice. Now it is up to you to take the lead, to lead these spiritual Warrios of the Rainbow to bring about a new earth. To sow the seeds of a new creation, of which you might not see the results yet, but know and trust that the work you do is of utmost importance to bring about a new world, the fifth world, as we call it.

But first an old world will die. Many lives will vanquish, nature will suffer, animals will go extinct and the rivers will dry, as the Great Prophecy has been foretold. But not without a cause.

Trust in the process and trust that we are there with you to communicate with these spirits of the land, with the deva’s of Mother Nature, with the water spirits and fire spirits, the spirits of the clouds, and the air. We went through this process and we will pass our wisdom on to you, white people across the ocean. As we have been in contact with you before in this process, giving you our wisdom and information of the past, of things that happened, of the pain we experienced in our culture by the conquering of the West. We, and you with us, are able to transform this pain and this curse. By you acknowledging us, we all come on a higher level of consciousness. We recognize each other. Victim and purpetrator. East and west.

Bring the tribes together. Open up the portal towards the celestial realms and to the earthly realms. Bring back the heart. Find oneness. Aho mitakuye oyasin.’

(Ton: I once more see the image of all these shamans of North and South America coming, checking in, being present)


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