22.XX SPAIN, Alhama de Granada, Preparing El Refugio

‘When the Cathars were persecuted in the 10th and 11th century, they were traveling to the south, along the route des bonshommes and bonnesfemmes, towards Spain. Because Spain in that time was their refuge, like Alhama is a refugio, a place to shelter, to feel safe for a certain amount of time. So it is important to prepare that place, when times become more repressive and difficult. It won’t happen instantly, but it’s a gradual process. It’s all stepping stones, one stepping stone after another.

So keep on moving, and keep on preparing things, so you are not stuck in one place, you won’t get stuck in one story. It’s important to stay flexible, to be able to switch from one place to another, from one story to another story, like you are walking on ice plates. That will be your challenge and your practice for the coming years. To be able to move while staying centered, while keeping the flame alive, keeping the high energy. So this is really an art of grounding in yourself, grounding in your heart, grounding in this high energy – and at the same time to be very flexible in the outer circumstances, to be able to move freely, not to be attached. In this way you are able to touch people and to keep on doing your work. While at the same time being safe and protected yourself. Aho.’


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