23.01 EUROPE, Brussels, Maria about Europe

‘This is the voice of Maria. I’m the protector of Europe. I’m the Stella Maris, the star of the sea. And the flag of Europe is my emblem, the circle of stars on the blue flag.

Europe is going through a healing process of dying and rebirth. I’d like to ask all people in Europe to connect to their new mission, their new role of heralds of a new age. To bring love and compassion and healing, not only to your own countries, but to Europe in totality and to the world. Use your old wisdom and knowledge and the ability to travel and to connect with other countries. You are like a mentor, coaching other countries.

I am the Mother giving birth. You are the midwives helping me to give birth to this new nation of countries, in which diversity and unity are the new rules. The new concept for democracy, in which all colours, all people, all races, all ages have their place in the order of things.

There is a new order coming out of the chaos, but it takes you to take your position. To hold the space for all the others that go through turmoil and pain of letting go of an old world that is no longer needed. Be connected with all like-minded people to hold the space for this birthing process.’

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