23.02 EUROPE, Brussels, The Voice of the Future

‘It is through this channel that I speak to you, to give you a glimpse on the horizon, where a new light is being born. It is like the dawn of a new civilisation and a new time-line. It is through the light of consciousness that a new blueprint, a new Flower of Life, is being imprinted in your societies. While the old form of Europe is dying, while the old form of civilisation is dying, a new form is being born. While the old form was based on structures and power, on money, on suppression, the new form will be guided by consciousness itself.

By the light of awareness, which you experienced on top of the Jungfrau (Switzerland), this divine feminine energy is blessing all the cities of Europe.

The old flag has twelve stars, but the new flag will have many stars, stars of light, just as there are many cities of light. When you tune into these cosmic vibrations, pouring down on your world, you will help to lift the veil of the old paradigm, of the old order. Now this is all been prepared by several Councils of Light and their counterparts on Earth, like the Order of the Rose. And there are many more; the Order of Melchizedek, the Order of the Sword. They have all been doing the groundwork, putting seeds in the ground, so the consciousness can bloom and flourish in the end. It is a very long process that takes eons of development and setbacks. Because it is through the setbacks that people grow the fastest.

You could say that you are entering one of these setbacks – dissolution and disintegration of your current structures – which is needed for people to wake up to be confronted and thrown out of their comfort zone. So they wake up to another reality. A reality that is not ruled by power, but a reality that is ruled by love. An invisible energy but so tangible, if you open up your heart and your mind.

Connect the dots between the cities of light, so the whole rose, the whole Flower of Life, becomes one pattern. Connect the lightworkers, the people that hold their oracle in the earth grid, who are a beacon of light in their own cities or villages. It will also release the Israeli people of their burden they took from Europe. Because many of them were the lightbringers in their times, but the world was not ready for it.’

(Ton: I suddenly see Amsterdam.)

‘Amsterdam will take the lead. It may sound strange to you, but it is a focal point of awareness in this moment of time. Since there has been so much spiritual development in your country, so that the layers have become really thin and open for impregnating the light of consciousness.’

(Ton: I now see Scotland. A whole fabric of sacred places. It looks like an embroidery.)

(Agnes: I also see the Isle of Man between Scotland and Ireland.)

‘Ireland holds the strongest connection to the sacred feminine, from the old Atlantean times. It still roots that energy, in nature, in the mountains, and thus it has a very important message or code for the rest of Europe. It crowns Europe and connects it to Mother Earth. And it will have decisive influence on England.

We are talking from a place in the future where things are very different. Places and countries, borders have shifted. As a fact they have kind of disintegrated, into a new constellation, a European constellation, where the cities have become main power points, holding the energy of the whole continent.’

(Ton: And I see Moscow being included in that.)

‘Moscow has been a neglected part of Europe, it has been pushed away, pushed aside, but in a way it belongs to this continent, and to this culture. Although it is now on its own.

So this is what we want to give you as a present for the new year, to paint a new future, a new horizon. So when things get darker, you can hold on to another image far beyond your present horizon.’


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