24.01 IRAN, Isfahan, Lilith speaks

‘Once upon a time I was there, Lilith, high priestess, incarnation of the goddess. I ruled the lands between the mountains and the oceans. I governed the rivers and the birds, the animals, the four-legged and all the inhabitants of this huge paradise. It was my creation, as I was part of the creation. I ruled the feminine aspect of this earthly paradise, but things went wrong. There was betrayal, struggle for power, and the first priest I met, the first man Adam… we didn’t get along. When the love was there, fear and jealousy stepped in and from this distortion between male and female, the land got distorted and the equilibrium between masculine and feminine was lost. Paradise was lost.

It was in our time that the seeds of destruction were planted, which in your time are at its utmost form. But now the time of healing has come, the time of forgiving, of coming together, of saying sorry, of acknowledging the wounds that have been sown into the people and into the land, the wasteland. It is through this division, that many divisions have started to happen in the world and people are set up against each other, no longer knowing their brothers and sisters of the same human family. It is time to overcome the duality and the struggle and to surrender to the divine. I had to do my part of bowing my head and letting go of power that wasn’t mine.

I come back to my sister Eve. We are one, Lady of the Fire and Lady of the Water. We acknowledge eachother, like Adam has to come together with his brother Seth, or as he was called later, in later times, Satan. We’re all connected, light and dark, hearts of the same creation. But through the distortion we became each other’s enemy, each other’s opposite.

It’s through this journey, through bowing down your head and surrendering to the greater All, surrendering to the divine feminine, to the divine masculine, that the opposites can heal and meet each other in the middle. So the sacred fire can be seen again in the world, the fire of transmutation, the fire of creation. It’s been kept hidden for so long, just for a small group of people to see. But since the world is on fire, the fire of destruction, it needs the fire of creation to come to the surface and to be seen by the people of all the tribes. From the heartland, from the center, the deep center, the healing starts.’


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