24.05 IRAN, Yazd, Zarathustra Speaks

‘It’s about the sacred fire. We kept the knowledge of the sacred fire which was kept underground. To honour this fire is to honour the creation power of the Earth. I am the voice of Zarathustra. I have been holding the knowledge of this fire, which is from deep within the Earth. When you go into this temple and you hold the space, you open up to the inner fire of the Earth. It is this inner fire of Mother Earth that is at the root of all creation.

We were percecuted – and still are – so it’s not easy to perform our sacred ceremonies. We were in devotion to the Great Mother, to Anahita. This has been suppressed and forgotten and so the creation of the Mother has been forgotten and suppressed. Your role as men is like the guardians of the Goddess, to honour and protect her so she can speak through you and she can come into this world to bring harmony, beauty and wisdom. Honour yourself, honour your role, as I did in my time when I was a priest and a voice for the Goddess. It is the divine of Mother Earth which needs the divinity of the male God, the male inspiration, to be seen, to be heard and to be nurtured, acknowledged.

In the centre of the Temples of Alchemy, the Sacred Fire was burning eternally. This fire asks complete devotion. The people initiated in this Sacred Fire were the first priests and priestesses, holding the spirit; holding the doors open between this dimension and the other dimension, creating civilisation, creating the roots of humankind. All the codes of evolution were given and were brought into this dimension. The codes of evolution were the codes of paradise: the paradise blueprint. They had to be consciously embodied by human beings, otherwise they could not start to exist.

This is what creation is all about: as soon as you are in conscious connection with this creative fire, you create a new world. That is why we have brought you here: to get this information, so you know how to do this. You can create a new world, but you have to be in contact with the Sacred Fire inside of you and in the world. Women embody the feminine, the Great Goddess Anahita, or whichever name you want to call her. She has many names and many forms, but basically she is Mother Earth. In the center as Mother Earth she is constantly birthing, she is constantly in creation birthing humankind, birthing time and space. But it needs awareness of the masculine consciousness to bring it into physical reality.’


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