25.44 UK, Glastonbury, Transcending Duality

‘When you go down into the depths of your soul, you‘ll encounter a lot of darkness. This darkness comes from the realm of the mind, that can only live in duality. Good versus evil, light versus dark, action versus doing nothing, conquering versus losing. It is this duality that creates so much sadness and suffering, and a sense of loss of soul. It is this duality that creates war inside ourselves and outside in the world. It is this duality that distroys the world and the earth and nature as we know it.

So the only thing you can do is to surrender to the non-duality, to the heart, or whatever word you want to give it. Surrender to the soul that has an innate wisdom, that transcends duality and transcends this threedimensional reality. There is a living consciousness pervading everything, that knows exactly what to do, what is right and where to go. This omniscient consciousness comes from oneness, from God or Goddess. It transcends life and death, but it is constantly there. It is a light that pervades everything. When you tune into this light en surrender to it, you will see all the clouds disappearing. All the darkness will melt, because you will see and know that all this was part of an illusion. That darkness does not exist. That only the sun of consciousness is shining forever through everything. And that the clouds of the mind are merely passing forms that obstruct the light.

So it is. If we become open and make the mind transparant, that light of consciousness shines through us, through our deeds, through our thoughts, through our feelings and through our being. We become a channel of light, a light worker so to speak. One who is a challice or a grail for that everlasting love that rules the world – and that overcomes all barriers, and that dissolves all blockages and socalled enemies on the road.’


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