25.46 UK, York, The Re-United Kingdom

In York at the Saint Sampson’s Square, the highest point in the city and the middle point. This is the place where the central temple was in Roman times and also before: the Temple for Serapis, the Bull God. But people won’t remember, the city has grown over it.

“In ancient times during the era of the Bull it was very common to bring sacrifices to the Bull god. In that time it was a very physical sacrifice. Sometimes animals were sacrificed, sometimes people were sacrificed, even children, to the god of the Bull. Later on this became a symbolic sacrifice. It is about sacrificing the ego to the soul, to learn how to bow your head to the divine. Because without that you become a very flat and materialistic society. So you have to offer something to the gods, which is your ego, the mind that wants to be in control. It thinks it has divine powers, but it hasn’t. It is only after self glorification. But to really be aligned with the divine, you have to sacrifice your own will, that which keeps you limited to your own self gratification.

The art is to open up to the larger soul, to the world of the gods in any form, in any gender. Be it an image of a bull, be it an image of a father god, or a mother goddess, be it the image of the nine worlds of the vikings, asgard. The story of Odin hanging from the tree is about sacrifice, and after hanging for nine nights and nine days he finds the wisdom of the divine in the runes. The sacred symbols of the North mythology.

It would be good to use these Norse symbols on the next part of your journey towards the north. Because you will enter into the kingdoms of these nine worlds.

As you said, it is about the reunification, the re-united kingdom, which is about the reunification of the other world with this world, to make them one, so you can travel between the worlds and bring wisdom to this world.

This is what you are going to do in Schiehallion as well, open the gates to the fairy kingdom, the tree kingdom, the deva kingdom, the mineral kingdom and the fire kingdoms. Because without them you will become a dead planet, an even more materialistic and technological society, where the human soul does not have its place, and you will lose the joy of life and the abundance of the earth, the fertility of nature, but also, the fertility of your own bodies, of your genitals. That will be the first thing that you will lose, and you will not know how to procreate anymore.

So it is good to honor this place of the sacred hill of York, Yorvik. En to reinstall the magic of the golden lemniscate. Unification between black and white. This is how the key will be restored, the key to open the United Kingdom. The key to the kingdom is bringing balance between the two worlds.”

I see somebody blowing on a big horn. Heralding new times. I feel the same energy here than we felt in Syria, in Aleppo where we did energetic work on the fortress of Aleppo in the center, a very powerful place, just before the war started.

“There are amazing energies here, stored in the ground. It’s about the balance between the red and the white rose, between the black and the white bull, between the black and the white swan, between men and women, between the Romans and the locals, between christianity and paganism, and between Scotland and England. It can be resolved here.”


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