28.01 SOUTH AMERICA, Columbia, Restoring the Shamanic Tradition

‘Rage, sheer rage for the destruction of our culture and the tradition of the sacred feminine. Because we had a long, long tradition of shamanic powers that were given from elder to elder, from woman to woman. We knew what we were doing. But through the patriarchal forces, this aknowledgement, this tradition of wisdom, was completely distorted, annihilated from our continent. Yes, it’s from your continent that these people came to destroy our culture.

It is to you that we speak, to heal the wounds from the past, so a new future can arise. This is of the utmost importance, because you, who can listen to our voices, to our messages through time and space, are able to heal the patterns of the tapestry. You woman, who knows how to weave and to look into the lines of history. You are able to bring the shadow to the light, so people become aware of us, of the richness that we shared. Of course we had our shadows as well. Don’t worry about it. It wasn’t all peace and justice. But for the future of our children and of our continent and also of your continent we need to bring the forces together. We need you to cocreate and help each other to prepare the coming of Quetzalcoatl, the feathered serpent, who is the harbinger of the light, the harbinger of peace and justice.

Many, many shamans and lightworkers are working in secret to prepare for this change in evolution. We’d like to be in communication with you, so we can weave the cradle for this New Coming. Do you understand the importance of your own work? You need to protect yourself and prepare yourself for the work you need to do on this archetypal or mythological level. Many people are involved, consciously or unconsciously. But you can hear the messages. You are the messengers, the pioneers, to prepare for the Second Coming. We’ll be in touch.’


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