29.28 ISRAEL, Jerusalem, The Heart Circle

Tuning into Israel with Annelies.

‘The fulfillment of the prophecy. Israel is the center, the heart center and Jerusalem is the center of the center, the golden dome, the rock of creation. All the energies you have gathered around the world come together in this place, connected with Jericho, the Moon city and the Sun city, these two basic elements of male energy and female energy. It is in this earthly dimension of these two cities, Jericho and Jerusalem, that the whole worldplay is being played out, is being re-enacted. At this moment there are so many people both within the Jewish community and the Palestinian community, that are working for this new transition, for a connection, for a higher level of cohabitation. And while it looks like a battle, it’s actually a moment to free each other and themselves from a cage, the cage of history, the cage of the matrix in which many people have been living for so long. It needs a new perspective, a broader perspective, to step out of the conflict, step out of duality and embrace both sides. In this country, but allover the world. You need to leave your own comfort zone to be part of this higher perspective.

As we said before, you are the ones holding the space. You opened the gate and you still need to be in connection to keep this gate open. Nothing has changed in that respect. You are still doing the work. Even if it dissolves for a couple of months, energetically it is still there.

You have brought together a whole circle of people who are holding the space with you. There is now a tribe from different religions, from different communities that are in connection with you holding the space. It is this tribe that you need to bring together again, to hold the space for this larger movement of change and transformation.

It is impossible to tell about the urgency of this matter, not so much in time, but the urgency energetically. It’s beyond everything you can conceive. It is bringing the white brotherhood together on earth. Because this is the time that these spiritual concepts need to be translated and embodied by physical people, by people who give it hands and feet and hearts. Because it is a circle of hearts that you bring together. Holding the space for a new heart centered society, a new heart centered humankind. It are these leaders of the heart that are the Jedi’s, the spiritual masters, from all kinds of walks of life, that return to the source, that return to the heart.

Gather the masters, male and female, moon and sun, in the heart chakra of the world.’


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