31.01 JAPAN, Tokyo, The Last Samurai

M. and J. are going to Japan and Russia. Ton feels the energy of the Koyasan Monastery. He sees a zen monk appearing.

‘Welcome, there is a very ancient tradition of spiritual warriors or monks. With a knowledge that has been passed down through the ages, a secret wisdom. It’s the wisdom of the sword, it is the sword that cuts, that cuts into the ego to purify your soul. So you become the sword itself, you become like a sharp blade fighting for truth. It is this sword that you will encounter, which is waiting for you, for the both of you, to accept this sword and to use it. Because it cuts to two sides – to the inner world and to the outer world.

You are also coming here to remember who you are, because you have both been living in this tradition. You know it from inside out; how to be a samurai, a ninja, a ninja of love. Because as fierce as it may look from the outside, it is rooted in a deep love for existence, and sometimes you have to cut out the darkness in a very fierce way.

That is what we have practiced through the ages and of course we have also made mistakes. Some of us went into the dark side and it is this that is needed in this time of transformation and revolution; that the sword will be rooted in love again. That you bring back the sword towards the capital of Tokyo. It is in fact your mission to carry this energy and to bring it into the consciousness of the Japanese rulers.

Now this is all on an energetic level of course. We are powerless in our tradition at the moment, because we cannot move. There is too much that obstructs us, but because you are coming from another country, from another side of the world, you are able to do a homeopathic incision into our tradition. Because you have different qualities, you have a different mindset. It is this that we need. That is why we called you to come over here.

Don’t be mistaken, nothing is done by free will, it is all planned out. It is this deep surrender to this divine plan that makes you the spiritual warrior, like we used to be ages ago. We have lost most of that tradition, to our deep grief and sadness. The result of that was seen in the last century, during the Second World War and the wars in Korea, in which we have abused our fighting skills.

This hurt, this burden of guilt and shame, is still upon our shoulders and upon our hearts. That’s why we have become unmovable, we are not allowed to use our weapons anymore, we are not allowed to use the sword anymore. Because we have abused the power of the sword. So it is you who has to do it for us. Do you understand? We are not allowed to use it, officially and unofficially. Energetically we have been cut off from this power and still we need it. We need to bring back clarity and truth and compassion into the heart of the Japanese people, into the heart of the Japanese government.

So you are like the last samurai. Now the whole journey through Russia, through our country, is like an initiation. Is like a sperm going all the way to the egg, so it can fertilize the feminine. The combination will be on Mount Fuji, which is the feminine, which is the Great Goddess of our culture. She is the Goddess of the Sun, Amaterasu. She was the divine principle who guided us, who guided our culture, before we got strayed and got off the path.

With this divine feminine principle of the sun, you bring back this alignment of our country. So when you place the sword on top of the mountain, you will align the energies again. And there will be a new focal point in Japan, so people can tune themselves in into this higher quality. You will know what to do when you are on the road. You will be guided, just listen to all the details and hidden clues during the voyage of the heart.

Do you have any questions?’

I wish to put another man in the field. The third person. His name is John. He was married to a Japanese woman and he speaks Japanese. We’ll meet him in Tokyo.

‘What I hear about the third person is that he is the heyoka. He will help you and he will obstruct you. Which is the purpose of the heyoka. He has elements that will help you on the path, but at the same time he has parts of him that will try to get you off the path. So that is what he brings. Two sides. But you need him. You need him to transform.

So you need to be very aware. When does it feel right? When doesn’t it feel right? You cannot rely on the mind. You have to rely on your guts. Feel your guts. Your guts will know what to do. Be very sharp. Be very sharp and decisive about what you want. Trust your leadership qualities, because they know, you know what is right. But don’t think about it. It’s like when you are in a fight with a sword; you have no time to think, you have to act.

Why can we not land in Osaka, because of the waters?

‘Tokyo is the landing place, it is the capital. It’s where you have to bring your energy towards. So it is a very important place to start. You will be confronted with the current culture of Japanese society and you have to see it for what it’s worth. For its beauty and for its ugliness. For its distractions, because it has become distracted by capitalism, by money, by corruption, by political gain and power, and thus has been derooted from its original culture. While on the surface you may still see it, but the essence is gone. So you will be conflicted by the things you will see on the path. But it is important to have this input, so you are not diluted. So that you know, you feel in your body, what the culture is at the moment and what is distraction. You understand this? You need to have – immediately, in the beginning –the whole package of the culture and then you can start to work with it, you can start to transform it, and you can look at where the purity is, in the monastery where you will have to find the essence and then bring it back to Tokyo.’

I am now fully aware that by landing and leaving in Tokyo we are making a full circle. We are making the route twice, not once.

‘Yes, and that is what gives you the possibility for transformation. First you have to get the negative imprint as well, to know what is happening, and then you can start to transform it. So you have to do the whole package. Tokyo, monastery, Fuji. Foetsie!’

I’m fully aware of the mission in Japan, but we have two weeks preparing this like a sperm. What qualities or things do we have to prepare before we land in Tokyo? In our trip through Russia?

‘Basically, you can say that the work, the energetic work, will be done in Japan, but the trip before is your own inner work. That is the whole preparation for your own souls. To really delve into your own process, your own life journey. You could say that the whole journey on the train is like your life and you will recognize the stages of your life. This will give you a lot of insight and input for where you are at the moment. To leave some things behind which have happened in history. You can look at it again and say: okay, thank you very much, this was what I had to learn, it’s finished, we can move on now.’

Can you see a place on the island, where we have to be for our mission?

‘Well, the island is like hotel California: you go in but you can never leave. So there are some challenges to make sure you have a mission to be completed. That’s the power of Russia, it can make you quite stuck. This is of course a test of endurance and decisiveness. That you know what the end goal is of your mission. Many times in life we forget about it, during the journey we lose sight of what it is all about. Because you are somewhere in Russia, or somewhere in your life, and you don’t know it, you forget about why you came here in the first place. I say it with a smile, because it’s also kind of a joke, it’s a funny game, but it’s a serious game. You have to be rooted in yourself, because they will try to get you off that.’

I can feel the voice of the innocence. I want to shout: I am innocent, I am innocent.

A childish play of innocence.

‘Yes, but the samurai is not innocent. It is always aware. He’s aware and he knows how to handle the fight. But it is a fight with joy. So you have to balance the innocence with the mind of a warrior. When you were trained as a samurai, you always got these two parts in your process of learning. The beauty, the art the innocence, the love and the power of the sword, to make a decision.’


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