32.04 NUBIA, Dongola, The Old Witch of Dongola

‘I am the old crone of Dongola. You are pretty messy, but that is just what we want. So you can look inside yourself. Shake your truth, shake your head, shake your butt, because from turning everything upside down you will see the world from another perspective. That is part of our present to you. It might not be a comfortable present, or an easy present, but you will gain so much from it.

Leave your old thoughts, your old wisdom that you cling to, and adapt to something that you don’t know yet. Burn the illusions, and out of the ashes will come a new truth, this fifth element that you are looking for. Out of the alchemy of your process some new insight will grow in your heart, in your balls and in your vagina, and it will reach your crown. Go down into the earth. Die in your old form, and there will be a present at the end of the journey…’

(January 2020)

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